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Gio Clavis Co., Ltd. is the expert through development of safe and scientific pillow “Gio pillow” which can prevent flat head syndrome in young baby and it is popular to many Korean parents continuously. Gio Clavis Co., Ltd. has invested in outstanding human resources and R&D for comfort and safety of children. And our objective is supplying safe and professional product for parents. We commit to improve our product with warm heart as if they are used by our children.


Baby is our future. We do our best continuously for safe product.


Customer satisfaction will be achieved by development of product which can be used by baby and parent conveniently.


We endeavor to make safe and convenient product which can be used safely.


Reliable enterprise which thinks only safe and comfort for baby.

We're a specialized company supplying young baby product for providing safe and comfortable product with parent heart for your valuable baby. We provide our product with good material, differentiated function and our warm heart for our baby.


1. Differentiated product development

Through continuous product development and research, we strive for more comfortable, safer and differentiated products. We will always strives for better products with parents' minds.


2. Safe and hygienic process

Because babies are weaker than adults, all products used by babies should be safe and hygienic. We always carry out the hygiene and safety consideration process from product development to production and delivery.


3. Smooth communication with customers

We always keep communication with customers through phone consultation and SNS. We are listening to your voice more closely and responding kindly.

Our Products

Gio Pillow

Patented unique pillow to prevent flat head syndrome

Gio Kids Mat

Multi-purpose kids mat which prevents SIDS(Sudden infant syndrome) by excellent air permeability

Gio Ice Seat

Design patented must-carry item for your baby outing

Gio Smart Pillow

Smart pillow adopting Bluetooth receiver and speaker

Gio Natural Pillow

A blanket made of only environmentally friendly collagen fibers and organic materials for sensitive baby skin.


We always try our best to produce safe products.



Korean production with domestic raw materials

All the raw materials that produce Gio Pillow are guaranteed Korean products and all of them are manufactured in Korea, making it possible for consumers to use them safely.



Thorough hygiene management system

To ensure a thorough hygiene management system, producers wear protective clothing such as caps and masks to manufacture and produce the pillows, therefore contamination is reduced during manufacture.



A rigorous visual inspection

A thorough visual inspection is given to each pillow before being packaged.



Internal inspection of the pillow

A detailed safety inspection is conducted using the latest high-tech equipment.



UV sterilizer safety system

Before packaging, a UV steriliser is used to sterilise the Gio Pillow.



Perfect packaging system

To reduce chances of contamination the pillow is vacuum packed before being boxed to be shipped.


Exported to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, UK, Russia, Australia and North and South America!

Our products have been loved and are exported to worldwide not only Korea but also China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, UK, Russia, Australia and North and South America with the steady love of many parents. We will do our best to become a company that can be easily found and serviced anywhere in the world. Thank you.


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